Dhandupalyam 2 is a crime sequel of the movie which got released in the year of 2017, this is the story of the group of the people who commit crimes. Dhandupalyam is a 102 minutes long movie that takes us on a unique journey of life and death as the dhandupalam gang is behind bars as they are all set to face their death sentence when a fierce journalist comes across their case as she understands the loopholes in their case, therefore, she knows that the victims are falsely accused of the crime and she wants to take up the challenge to prove to the court that they are innocent. Watch movies free online and be relaxed. Watch Dandupalyam 2 movie free only on your favorite ott Aha.

Although the unique take of the movie from the Director Srinivasa Raju substitutes the name ‘Dhandupalyam gang’ to D- gang, the viewers are constantly curious to understand the dynamic of the group towards the crime questioning if the gang actually committed the crime or not. This key feature of the film keeps the audience hanging till the end of the movie. Although the sequel movie opens the audience with a debate as to how they were caught by the police and everything, the ending for sure is worth the wait as it satisfies the audience with a 3part conclusion that completely resolves the initial queries by the audience.

The ensemble cast of Dhandupalyam 2 is best fitted as Pooja Gandhi, Makarand Deshpande, Ravi Krishna are shining in their respective roles. Definitely Shruthi aa Abhivyakth has done a fantastic role to justify the intensity of this amazing story. Writer Gururaj Desai kept the audiences on their toes with their unique way of dialogue writing and slick narration style. The background score by Arjun Janya played the best tunes to maintain the flow of the story also stands among the best highlights of this film. The technical team deserves a special mention for the quality they provided. As the filmmakers brought two sides of the case in the two parts, it opened up a possibility of having a third sequel to give the conclusion of the fate of the Dhandupalyam Gang. As the gang is arrested for 80 murders, the audience that enjoys crime thrillers will have a lot to look forward to in order of violence, death, crime, jail, and more.

This movie Dandupalya 2 is made in kannada and now dubbed into telugu of how the justice system is different for everyone on different levels, and talks about oppressed communities in India. Loopholes of the constitution of India, freedom of the press, and more. This movie collected around 10.5 Cores INR. Watch it free on aha as this movie will take you on a hell of a ride. Watch movies online and be relaxed. Watch Dandupalyam 2 movie free only on your favorite ott Aha.

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