Comedies for Women That Are Perfect Mood Lifters


When you want to watch movies online, you get a lot of options available on the Internet. With the OTT Platform, it becomes easier for you to watch your favorite Telugu movies online in HD Quality. However, the OTT Platform, which Aha Media has introduced, has been an excellent achievement for them. For the past few months, aha media has made it possible for all the Tollywood fans to watch their favorite Telugu movies anytime and anywhere. In the OTT Platform, the viewers get a lot of options for comedy movies online as well. Whether it be phone or laptop, or television, you can watch movies on Zee5 or MX Player. For women, who work all day and wish to watch a movie that can refresh their mood, we suggest MaguvaluMathrame.

MaguvaluMathrame was released on 15th September 2017 is a Telugu comedy-drama film. Bramma has written and directed this movie. Surya is the producer of the film, and Ghibran is the music composer. However, the making of the film started in July 2016 and was completed after one year of making. The film received a good response, and people loved it. Specially, all the women have considered this movie as their favorite one. The cast includes Jyothika as Prabhavathi, Urvashi as GomathaSilkurayappan, Bhanupriya as Rani Amrita Kumari, and Saranya Ponvannan as SubbulakshmiMangalamoorthy.

The movie got such fame that Jyothika was nominated for Best Actress, and Urvashi &Bhanupriya were nominated for the Best Supporting Actress category at South Filmfare Awards. Also, the act the part of all the female actresses was considered very strong. However, the movie can be watched along with family and friends and is 124 minutes long.

This movie revolves around three best friends who met after 38 years of school time. Prabhavati, who is a young documentary filmmaker, plans a reunion for her future mother-in-law. One day, Prabhavati realizes that her mother-in-law Gometha misses her school friends Rani and Subbu, so she decides to make them meet. Rani lives in Agra and is the wife of a politician. Subbuwas not very happy with her life because of her drunkard husband. It was not easy for Prabhavati to find the two friends.

The whole story of the film revolves around how Prabhavati finds the two of the friends and plans the reunion of the three school friends.

The writers have made out the best part of the film. The story and the plot casting amazed all. The fans of Tollywood are the reason for its growth. Because of aha app and the OTT Platform, the Telugu language movies have gone through rapid growth. Day by day, Tollywood is attracting more people towards it. More and more movies are dubbed in different languages, and more people have started loving this industry. MaguvaluMathrame must be watched by all the Tollywood fans and is one of the best Indian movies online.

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