AT&T Announces Fourth Quarter Financial Results

AT&T is an American multinational corporation headquartered in Delaware, United States. It is one of the largest telecommunication companies in the world. AT&T is also one of the largest providers of long distance telephone services. AT&T is a publicly held company that is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ. It is a diversified global telecommunications company that is focused on technology and spectrum management.

AT&T stock is a major player in the communications industry, along with Verizon and Sprint. Over the last few years T stock has consistently performed better than other publicly held companies in the telecommunications industry, even when market conditions were poor.

This is primarily due to AT&T’s willingness to focus on its digital wireless services rather than on its traditional phone service business. However, over the last year or so there have been growing signs that AT&T is considering exiting the home phone business. Recently, the FCC sent a notice to AT&T that it could be violating anti-competitive regulations by allowing its new broadband access card to include features that are standard in other mobile phones.

The information was not stated in the shareholders’ certificate or on the company’s web site, so the general public was not aware of the planned announcements. A day later on September 16, the AT&T stockholders received a notice in the mail from the Board with further details about the third quarter meetings and the mailing list of expected guests.

The Board did not receive any objections to the proposed amendment to AT&T’s existing debt and equity policies. This is in contrast to the second quarter, when the stockholders approved two resolutions concerning the same matter. These stockholder proposals were opposed by the AT&T CEO and the company’s CFO.

This fourth quarter’s offering is timed to coincide with the upcoming upfront sale of AT&T’s 50 million share common stock to the institutional investors. If successful, this transaction could raise up to $14.5 billion for AT&T. While the Company is still profitable, the potential raise will significantly improve AT&T’s liquidity position, allowing it to fund more acquisitions, and possibly increase dividends. Furthermore, institutional investors will be the only major shareholder of AT&T.

The fifth and final quarter saw the addition of a new investor, a real estate investment trust called NYSE, which will operate as an indirect holder of AT&T stock. The New York Stock Exchange already allows institutional investors to invest in this kind of stock, so NYSE will not add AT&T stock to its list of publicly traded companies. This acquisition will help AT&T better manage its overseas deals. In December, shareholders will vote on a resolution approving the transaction between AT&T and NYSE. If approved, analysts expect AT&T will raise its diluted share price by around 25 percent. You can check at for more details about NYSE T stock

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